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The Cage We Live In

Published by Shane under on 6:01 PM

Who said that we have no similarities? At least one I've seen. 
We all being controlled by the space, by fear and by time.

Fotografía en la gran dama del Este y Orienta

Published by Shane under on 11:19 PM
I regretted being too camera-shy. Well-known as a wedding photography hotspot, how could I NOT work on capturing more photos? At least more than 100, maybe? The worst part of it, I only managed to stand at 2 different spots, so I had managed to shoot like what? 20? Anyway it's pure sharing of how JOYFUL of my models were at that time. No alcohol but some pulsating lucky draw moments. ASUS Netbook, my friends.

Thanks to the professional Alvin, Marilyn, Fiza and CT for staying. So this is it.

Shimmering of HOPE, perhaps the lucky draw

Very-soon-to-be Mommy and Kak Fiza

 Kak Fiza and ______ 

There's a saying in Chines, laughing with a 40k mouth. Understand?

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  -Marcel Proust

 FRIENDS Season 11


 Please call me if you would like to meet People's Magazine Bachelor Poser of The Year

The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind. -John A.

~ Night is a world lit by itself. ~

Me estoy divirtiendo

Published by Shane under on 5:44 AM
I was texting with someone while setting my hands to upload these tiny batch of photos. People were enjoying at a misty theme park and I was busy with my fun-filled delusions. Consider I was lucky, I decided to bring the Rebel-lious one out on a after-rain Sunday night, last week. Being pretty reluctant before it happened, I was glad that I decided to set my feet on the stony (play)ground. It was the last day of their biz. Thank God.

An amateurish photographer always fears a lot. Angle. Lighting. And sometimes, Crowd. I couldn't recall how many times I've heard that their biz was not really good, but looking at the parents and kiddos who swamped the place, it told me people are always going for the last best thing. (Saving for the Last Dance).

The Queensbay Sixers (originally from Philly?)

No, the Ferris wasn't a bad one, it just moved slower, under my bad influence.

The floating Ferris wheel, that only appeared in my childhood dreams.

Silence (all these years?)

I have always thought about capturing the quietness of a theme park. Other than silence, it's still silence.

Discovering the Fun Fear

Believe it or not, this fun ride wasn't fun at all. I dropped my glasses when I was upside down, up there.
(p/s: @ Sunway Lagoon but not this little one)

Delicious lollipop out of the darkness, stunned some passers-by to drool over it.

Wonder the machine ever loses its fame?

I spent a sweating night moving the tripod and avoiding crowd disturbance. Somehow it gave me the satisfaction at last, finally getting my chance to shoot what I've been telling my friends since the first day of the fun fair arrived. A lot of thanks to my good friend 绿叶 who always be there whenever I needed her to go out with me. The good thing is I always had fun going out with her (even though the last food-searching outing ended up with me getting food poisoning :P - God's will maybe).

Visit my Flickr for better viewing pleasure.

The love I shared - Colors of Food and Light

Published by Shane under on 4:16 AM
Thanks to our effort and our manager (whom will be seen in the coming up photo series) and our manager's managers, we had a quite "full and satisfied" evening at the Gurney Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Below are some of the snapshots that I took to entertain myself besides eating (not that much for me, trust me).


A little light deco at the lobby. Spacious and simply grand for a 4-star hotel.

The lounge at the other end of the lobby. Love the light-illuminated effect.


Everything was just at the right place for me =)

Light on the evening glasses.


Playing with DOF on these tiny cuties =)

They said cakes are for kids =)

Ladies and Gentlemen

2 of our team greatest treasures =P

I'm SO sorry guys. I just don't want others to miss laughing at something really fun. =)

SC's daughter, Jiayi =) 

Mix and Match

Diversity is strength =P

One is for Wanting More.

Two is for Together We Enjoy.

Three is for Trinity of Eat, eat, eat?

For better resolution images, please click on the photos, or visit the Flickr

Make a change, and breakway

Published by Shane under on 5:22 AM
This is to celebrate the very first batch of photos captured through the new lens. I know I am late, always.

You know what they say if you don't try it you never know how it's going to feel like. So after I was handed the toy, without any hesitation, ka-cha and Russell is going UP, trying to match the height of Komtar.

I always have the strangest taste, ferry ride next.

Every weekend it's my routine to be on the Penang Bridge, no more ferry since secondary school. A ride brought back memories.

I just love the scene in the ferry.  No more ferry commuting? It doesn't look like so.


You must be wondering why it comes with the theme "Boundary". The way those old fishing boats lazing around in front of those factories in the background, it tells the strong contrast of HOW TO MAKE A LIVING.

I was crossing the railway at the Butterworth railway station. These unintentional shots has become the favorites of the day.

Of course a visit to the train station I should also serve you a portrait - the resident of the Butterworth station. Yeah, old one - the Jet Fire of this station.

Another shot from the side of his body. Since I was already there no point not shooting more if I could. 

At the end of the day, the most unexpected finding is:

She insisted she is from Penang and a photo with the train from Kuala Lumpur is rather odd. Oh ya, and her name is Siew Siew. What a coincidence, I have a colleague named Siew Siew as well.

*Click on the images for a better view. 

Change of Heart

Published by Shane under on 9:47 PM
Sorry guys I have not been prolific and consistent enough to update my blog. So today here it is the consolation of bringing myself back to business.

Meet my latest obsession: Photography

Anyway, please don't expect me to upload jaw-dropped photos. I am really still in the learning process. So the very first motivation for more photography in my life, our group has won 2 of the 4 prizes from a department photo contest, with one of the photos coming from my Canon Rebel Xsi.

I shall share it here so that you know I'm really serious about this. Let's hope the fire keeps burning and the real best is yet to come.

 I know this looks odd but the theme is even "odder" - Diversity. 
The photo was taken on the last day before due and we were scrambling all over, sticking little pieces of papers, shooting from "rare" angle (up on a desk and shooting inside-out from a cubicle) and finally managed to hand in the submission. A big thank you to FF for the idea and all those who have contributed in the process.
So now everyone knows where I work.
The image that I thought would come out top but eventually it didn't; most probably because of the capture of a brand that could bring copyright issue to the company. 
So this is it, a very small baby step to fully decorate my blog with my so-called Artistry of the Century. -ROFL-

Have a nice day and stay cool as always.

There won't be anything left

Published by Shane under on 8:04 AM
I don't talk much these days. I used to.
My time, well-spent? Guess no, mostly watching Glenn Close playing games with vengeance.
Thank God, there's the little lesson I've learnt: No matter how unethical you're, if you play the right game, and help the people in need (truly), you win the world.

Love the opening theme from this show - Listen up, the humming at the beginning of the song.

Little lamb......